Can I extend my hire period?

Yes providing the item is not required for another client you can extend your hire period if the equipment has not been reserved by another customer. 

Can you install the car seat/ baby capsule for us?

Adelaide Baby Hire provides all types of car restraints that are available to hire for baby, from baby capsules and car seats to booster seats for older children. The staff at Adelaide Baby Hire are all accredited with ACRI (Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative) to install child restraints. Fittings are complimentary with any hire.

Do you deliver to other locations?

We have have a limited delivery service, delivering within 15kms radius of Glenelg only

Do you require a bond?

Some items may require a bond payment, depending on length of hire and the item itself. If a bond is required, this will be added to your initial invoice and refunded upon return of the equipment in a clean and good condition.

How can I be assured your equipment is in good condition and is clean and safe for my children?

Adelaide Baby Hire provides a large range of equipment, all you need to hire for baby! All equipment is purchased new and sanitised between hires. All equipment meets Australian Standards.

I see your website has a shopping cart, but how do I make payment etc?

Please make your order by adding items to your shopping cart and then providing the information required for your order. We will then confirm your order via email.  Alternatively, please call us on 0419 808 536 to place your order. Full payment is prior to your hire start date.  Payment can be made via direct deposit or cash. 

I’m concerned a porta cot will be uncomfortable for my baby.

We also have padded cot sheets available for baby’s comfort.

If I have a problem using the equipment, what do I do?

If you have any queries with any of our equipment, please call us on 0419 808 536 and we will be happy to assist you.

If I have placed and paid for an order and decide/need to cancel, what happens?

If you can provide us with at least 3 full business notice, a full refund will be provided. If this is not possible, we will refund 50% of the amount paid, as well as any delivery fee and/or bond. If you merely want to postpone your dates, your hire agreement can simply be transferred to new dates with no additional cost. Refunds do not apply to equipment returned early.

My child doesn’t like to sleep in a porta cot. Do you have wooden cots available for hire for my holiday stay?

Yes and you can also hire cot linen.

We are arriving at Adelaide Airport and have a hire car available, what is the easiest way to collect your equipment?

Adelaide Baby Hire is conveniently located just a few kms west of the airport. You can either collect from our office or we would be pleased to deliver to the airport for a fee of $40. This service is only available during business on weekdays only.

We are staying with friends whilst in Adelaide, can they collect on our behalf?

Yes they can.

We have arranged to stay in a hotel/motel whilst in Adelaide. Can you deliver to our destination?

We can deliver to your hotel/motel, ensuring equipment is there before your arrival, however our delivery service only extends to 15kms from Glenelg.

We live in Adelaide, do you hire for baby long term?

Of course! Baby capsules, car seats, bassinets, cots in fact all of our equipment is available for hire for up to six months or more!

What happens if piece of equipment is stolen?

Should this happen you will need to supply us with a written police report. If the product was not adequately secured in a locked vehicle or home, we will charge you the replacement cost of a new item. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Hire.

What happens if we damage a piece of equipment?

In this case you will be liable for the replacement cost of the item or the cost to repair the item, if this is possible. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Hire.

What if I decide to return the equipment early?

If an item is returned early, no refund will be payable.

What is the minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is 2 days for most products, however one week for products which do not have a daily option